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Solid wood furniture isn’t made as strong and durable like they were back then; so it only makes sense to hold on to your solid wood pieces for as long as you can. At Domus Flooring and Stairs, we will stain and protect your cherished solid wood furniture, to maintain its natural beauty in all exquisiteness and extend the useful life for many more years.

Refinishing also reduces the impact on the environment, saves energy and conserves natural and human resources when compared to harvesting virgin wood, processing it and getting it ready for consumers.

Domus Flooring and Stairs supports the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ environmental campaign by helping you restore your sturdy and durable wood furniture pieces. Using our high-tech spraying enclosure, our experienced professionals have the needed skills and techniques in finishing your furniture pieces with the finest care.

To give your old or new piece of furniture a new breath of life with our spraying finish service, please contact us for further details.

All of our stair components and furniture are sprayed in our brand new, state of the art spray booth to ensure an elegant finish every time.


Great service and great products all found right here in Dieppe!

Lionel G.
LC Builders
To the spray team: Thanks for all your outstanding work on our maple stair pieces. It is going to look incredible!

Kathy J.