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Wooden treads in a staircase can transform the look and feel of a home. Create a harmonious look by selecting a tread that complements your flooring or create a visual statement by selecting a tread that completely contrasts the colour of your flooring. Tread returns are available in numerous styles, but they are primarily smooth and rounded.

The Right Return tread style means that the stair tread has a pre-attached return with the left side unfinished for the side that is against the wall. Conversely, the Left Return tread style has the right side unfinished for the side that is against the wall. A Double Return tread style has both sides finished off with a pre-attached return and is used for treads that are open on both sides.

At Domus Flooring and Stairs we cater for all styles and in addition also supply Loose Returns. Our treads are available in Natural or Clear finish. Natural treads showcase more wood grain and pattern characters than clear treads.

For a closer look at the different profiles of the tread returns and finishes we have available, please click on an image below.


Tread with Returned End

Stair Tread

Stair Tread - End      Stair Tread - End


Clear Tread

Stair Tread

Natural Tread

Stair Tread


Loose Return

Stair Tread Return      Stair Tread Return      Stair Tread Return


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Perfect service from beginning to end!

Doreen K.
To the spray team: Thanks for all your outstanding work on our maple stair pieces. It is going to look incredible!

Kathy J.