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Skirts and Risers

Stair skirts and risers run on the sides of a staircase and on the vertical rise between steps. While providing some support to the stair system, they also offer aesthetic detail, filling in any visually empty spaces. They also serve to unify the decor theme of the home, especially when paired with moulding to match.

While risers are typically fillers between the vertical portion of each step, skirts on the other hand run the length of the staircase along the rake angle against a wall and the open side of a tread, or, on both sides along a curb wall.

In any case, skirts and risers add some warmth to the look of the stairs. Below are just a few of the projects Domus Flooring and Stairs has had the privilege to work on. To view more of our work, please take a look at our portfolio or visit us on Facebook!





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Thank you so much for your professional help and advice.

A. Richard
To the spray team: Thanks for all your outstanding work on our maple stair pieces. It is going to look incredible!

Kathy J.