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Moulding and Trim

Floor moulding and trim finish off your floors with a professional look. Being functional as well as visually appealing, mouldings and trim are offered in a variety of styles to suit your interior decor and its purpose. The purpose of moulding and trim is to cover edges and gaps, camouflage expansion spaces and bridge the gaps where your hardwood flooring ends and another type of flooring begins. The type of moulding used will depend on its purpose.



 Bengard T-MouldingT-Moulding

Finishes the gap between two level flooring areas

Length: 6 feet



Bengard ReducerBengard Reducer

Finishes the edge between laminate/wood flooring and other hard surfaces or carpet

Length: 6 feet


Colour Guide

Bengard Colour Guide




Versatrim T-MouldingVersatrim T-Moulding

These mouldings are commonly used in doorways to join two laminate floors in adjoining rooms. They are also recommended when making a transition from laminate floor to another type of flooring that is approximately the same height.

Surface material is high-wear resistant aluminium oxide laminate and a core material of HDF.

Length: 94 inches



Versatrim ReducerVersatrim Reducer

Reducers are used to bridge laminate flooring to floors of a different height.

Surface material is high-wear resistant aluminium oxide laminate and a core material of HDF.

Length: 94 inches


Hardwood Reducer

Hardwood reducers can be one-sided, flush, bi-level or overlapping. They are used to transition between floor surfaces that are noticeably different in height. The height of the hardwood reducer varies as the material is made from your hardwood flooring.

General Measurements

Width: 2 ¼”     Height: 0” – ¾”     Length: Varies

Hardwood Reducer    Hardwood Reducer





Hardwood T-Moulding

T-Moulding is often used to bridge gaps and transition between hardwood floors and other types of flooring such as tiles and carpets as well as existing wooden floors. They are used in applications where both floorings are equal in height.

General Measurements

Width: 2 ¼”     Height: ¾”    Length: Varies

Hardwood T-Moulding Hardwood T-Moulding




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Great selection of tiles and flooring. Very helpful with my selections.

Jeff O.
To the spray team: Thanks for all your outstanding work on our maple stair pieces. It is going to look incredible!

Kathy J.