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Cork flooring is an emerging flooring alternative that is fast becoming a designer trend. Cork comes from bark off cork oak trees in Southern Europe and the material is a great option if you are considering eco-friendly flooring alternatives. It is harvested using a harmless process every 9 years from trees aged 25 years or older.

Cork flooring is also preferred for the cushion they provide under your feet, their warmth as they are natural insulators, self-healing capabilities, anti-microbial properties and natural resistance to mould, mites, and even fire.

Domus Flooring and Stairs supply you with only the most resilient and luxurious of cork flooring from none other than TORLYS; available in various textures, colours and natural tones to suit the aesthetics of your own unique space.


Florence Designer

The Florence Designer collection takes cork flooring to a whole new level, offering the longest cork plank available today. Adventurous in the most stylish colours and textures, your design preference will be rewarded with flawless original beauty.

Arctic Night Block Chai City Block Café City Block Mist City Block Shale Nubuck Nunavut Townline Dark Rum Townline Natural Townline Sisal

Florence Elite

The Florence Elite collection is a finely crafted bevel-edged cork flooring that comes in not just long but wide planks. Offered in a palette of today’s must-have colours, it captures nature with tasteful elegance, distinctive design along with richness and comfort.

Block Natural Burl Chai Burl Chocolate Burl Coffee Bean Burl Flagstone Burl Natural Burl Sand Stone Burl Shoreline Burl Storm Burl Western Saddle

Florence Premier

The Florence Premier is a timeless collection featuring bevel-edged cork in colours to suit any style, taste and budget.

Sahara Natural Vintage Blue Nile Vintage Butter Pecan Vintage Earl Grey Vintage Espresso Vintage Natural Vintage Sand Stone Sicilian Olive Vintage Southern Comfort Vintage Western Saddle

Classic Elite

The exquisiteness of the Classic Elite collection and its much sought after styles such as the Burl Shoreline and Whistler Snow, will add charisma to any space. This collection also offers a seamless look to flooring which gives the sense of roominess.

Burl Natural Burl Shoreline Whistler Chocolate Whistler Coffee Bean Whistler Snow

Classic Premier

The Classic Premier cork flooring collection is known for its understated style and clean design. Its precise square edges will give any room a seamless look and an energising feeling of spaciousness.

Traditions Gran Canyon Traditions Malibu Traditions Monterey Traditions Natural Traditions Pebble Beach


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